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'European Commission websites' refers to the entire landscape of websites owned by the European Commission's services. Collectively, they represent the Commission's web presence. The definitions, categories, branding and rules that apply to the European Commission's websites and their development can be found below.


All European Commission websites must follow the rules laid down in the Europa Web Guide. 


European Commission websites


  • EU branded: should be used for online communication if the mission and content go beyond the activities of one single EU institution or cover a policy, activity or campaign which is either institution-agnostic or common to the different EU institutions and bodies; or
  • EC branded: the EC logo should be used, in line with the rules in the Europa Web Guide, for online communication stemming directly from the Commission's actions in its areas of responsibility and its executive role, e.g. legislation and policy initiatives, work programme, services, official documents, news and current affairs (press releases, events, etc.).



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All European Commission websites must be hosted on the '' domain.