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Archiving requestProvide required information using request form.

Send an e-mail to OP-WEB-PRESERVATION

Website owner

Upon establishment of a new EC and/or DG website

Analysis of request

OP WP team

Approval/rejection of request

Email with justification of conclusions to website owner and CEM

OP WP team

For accepted requests

Quarterly crawling

Remote crawling

OP WP team and contractor

15 March, 15 June, 15 September and 15 December

Quality control

Visual/manual check of quality of the crawl, and feedback to OP WP team

Website owner

Upon invitation, sent by OP WP team


If needed and possible: improvement of quality of the archived version

OP WP team and contractor

Upon reception of WO feedback on quality

Acceptance/rejection of crawl

Email to OP WP team

Website owner

Publication/takedown of crawl

OP WP team