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Directorate-General (DG)


Human Resources (HR)

  • updating CVs, biography timeline (if they exist) and roles of Director-Generals, Deputy Director-Generals and other persons appearing on department pages that have been created using the person content type (persons lower than Deputy level should not be added). DG HR does not update person profiles for Executive Agencies.
  • removing/adding/exchanging persons on all department pages when their role changes (person content type), except Commissioners
  • adding the links to the meeting agendas of Director-Generals and their Deputies if it is missing or needs updating

 DG Communication


  •  making changes in Commissioners
  • overall supervision of the department pages

Secretariat-General (SG) and
DG Communication

SG uploads new management


  • uploading new plans and activity reports every year
  • DG Communication adds reports to each DG's department page
Individual DGs
(if they have access to CMS)

Individual DGs 

  • updating the links to the plans and reports uploaded by the SG in the sections mentioned above
  • adding or updating organisation charts
  • making other content changes they need (according to our rules), e.g. mission statement, adding news articles that do not come from Rapid the Press Corner, or changing related links
  • creating a new biography timeline on a person page (updates can be done by DG HR)
Executive agencies

are responsible for creating and updating all of the above, including:

  • Person person pages that primarily appear on the Department page of an executive agency
  • organisation charts
  • any other content changes, e.g. mission statement, adding news articles not coming from Rapid the Press Corner, or changing related links.

Language coverage

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