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Promotional URLs

A promotional URL is a shortened URL that re-directs visitors to a page with a URL that isn't appropriate for print/promotional materials, generally due to its length.

To set up a promotional URL, contact: Comm Europa Management

The request must include:

  • the name of the desired URL ((ec.)<name>, or <name>.eu/)
  • where it should be redirected
  • why the URL is needed

Promotional URLs not using an .eu address can exceptionally be requested when a website has a single country as main audience. DG Communication must validate such domains and the site owner is in charge of registering such domains.

Short URLs


Short URLs must be created with the URL shortener (EU login access required)


See: Request procedure for domains and sites names - Restricted



  • short URLs are used to reduce the size of a message or a tweet and are made of a randomly generated string (e. g.

General rules for URLs can be found on URL structure.URL Shortener

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact: