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The Performance Review Body (PRB) of the Single European sky (SES) is an advisory body to the European Commission. The PRB assists the Commission in the implementation of the SES performance and charging scheme and makes recommendations to the Commission. It is established by Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/2296 of 16 December 2016.

PRB Members

The PRB consists of nine expert members, including the Chair.

The members are:

  • Catherine Mannion
  • Estelle Malavolti
  • Ben Van Houtte
  • Joseph Sultana
  • Denis Bouvier
  • Jan Malawko
  • Eric Nantier
  • Jesper Skou
  • Juan Montero 

Support to the PRB

The PRB is supported by a team which was appointed on 16 October 2017, independent from all services and entities regulated under the Performance and Charging Schemes. The support contract MOVE/E3/2016-401 was awarded to EY which, together with the firms Helios and Integra, won an open call for tenders launched by the European Commission. The support provided covers technical, secretarial and administrative support to help the PRB perform its tasks effectively.

The PRB has access to the collected, validated and pre-analysed performance-related data from Eurocontrol, and regarding safety data, from EASA. The PRB is also supported by expertise from Eurocontrol’s Performance Review Unit, the Network Manager and EASA.

Tasks of the PRB

The tasks of the PRB are defined in Article 3 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/317.

In 2021, the priorities are to advise the Commission on the revision of targets for the remainder of RP3 as the aviation industry adapts to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The revision of targets commenced in late 2020. This process will include a new round of performance plan assessment from October 2021 until beginning of 2022.

Another priority is the monitoring of performance of air navigation services in 2020.

Activities 2020 and 2021

The current activities of the PRB are detailed in the PRB Work Programme 2021.

In March 2021, the Performance Review Body presented to the Commission its Monitoring Report on the Financial and Operational Impact of COVID-19 on the SES (additional monitoring report) and PRB Advice on the Revision of Performance Targets for RP3.

The PRB activities delivered in 2020 are further detailed in the PRB Annual Report 2020.

PRB statutory documents

PRB rules of procedures.pdf

PRB stakeholder engagement plan.pdf , including modalities of cooperation with national supervisory authorities and working arrangements with air navigation service providers, airport operators, airport coordinators and air carriers

PRB data management plan.pdf

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