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PRB Assessment Report - Second revision of draft performance plans

On the 25th of October 2022, the PRB has published its report on the assessment of the second revision of the draft performance plans for RP3:

PRB assessment of the second revision of the draft performance plans for RP3.pdf

Annex I.pdf

Events Calendar

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Italian consultation on 2021 actual costs, 2023 unit rates, and 2020-2021 costs exempt

Past events


Malta: follow up consultation on RP performance plan


Estonia: consultation on revised RP3 performance plan


Bulgaria: consultation on RP3 Performance Plan


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SES performance in a nutshell

The performance and charging scheme aims at enhancing the performance of air navigation services through a gate-to-gate approach covering both en route and terminal air navigation services. The legislation lays down the conditions to setting targets in the key performance areas of safety, environment, airspace capacity and cost-efficiency through the adoption of European Union-wide performance targets and consistent national or Functional Airspace Blocks (FAB) performance targets.

Performance targets are subject to incentives with a view to encouraging better performance, including the application of a traffic risk sharing mechanism in respect of the key performance area of cost-efficiency. Incentive schemes are setting parameters in a non-discriminatory and transparent manner for the purpose of rewarding or penalising actual performance in relation to the adopted performance targets.

An effective partnership between the main stakeholders, such as air navigation service providers, functional airspace blocks, airports, civil and military airspace users and the Network Manager is of key importance for the achievement of performance targets.


Purpose of the website

ATM and aviation professionals will find here:

  • Quick access to the SES performance regulatory framework - including latest Commission decisions
  • All PRB reports – including PRB annual monitoring reports
  • Quarterly monitoring of performance indicators through dashboards
  • Information on all SES performance-related events: stakeholder consultations, workshops, etc.

The purpose of this website is:

  • For Member States and NSAs to submit information required by the SES Performance and Charging Schemes legislation to the Commission
  • For the Performance Review Body to publish its reports, recommendations and communications as well as handle the consultation calendar
  • For the wider aviation community to be informed on the SES performance and charging schemes' objectives and achievements.

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