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The Live, work, travel in the EU class content provides practical information on living, working and traveling in Europe, linking mainly to pages on the Your Europe portal (with a focus on residency, employment and consumer rights). It also provides policy information on a range of topics, linking to other Directorate-General (DGs) websites.

The class indicated in the header or footer of a Commission website links to its landing page. For example: Live, work, travel in the EU. 

Original research

List of tasks included in this class 

8Find a job in another EU country2.4%Medium task
11Working in an EU country (rights, permits, benefits)2.2%Medium task
23Public health, disease prevention1.5%Small task
24Culture (heritage, arts, films, Capitals of Culture)1.5%Small task
33Travel within, to and from EU (documents, visa, consular help, currencies)1.2%Small task
34Moving to another EU country (residence formalities)1.1%Small task
40Healthcare in another EU country1.0%Tiny task
50Consumer and passenger rights0.7%Tiny task
52Immigration into the EU (asylum,  reuniting family, integration)0.7%Tiny task
55Voting in the EU0.7%Tiny task
62Taxation, excise (not VAT)0.5%Tiny task
66Pensions, retirement in another EU country0.5%Tiny task
70Family (marriage, divorce, partnerships, adoption)0.4%Tiny task
74Goods allowed when crossing borders (alcohol, cigarettes, cash, pets)0.3%Tiny task
75Driving licence validity in EU countries0.2%Tiny task
76Vehicles (buying, selling, registration, taxes, insurance)0.2%Tiny task


Read more on Process to define the 15 classes: original research

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