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The main objective of the Funding, Tenders class content on the European Commission website is to provide clear, easy-to-understand information on how EU funding works; funding available; how to apply and the results of funding.

Content in Funding, Tenders provides:

  • an overview of programmes
  • context and high-level information on calls for funding by topic which links to the relevant DG website
  • an explanation of how EU funding works 
  • details on how to apply for funding and who is eligible
  • information on how to run and manage a project
  • a list of funded projects
  • tender opportunities
  • rules for public procurement

Content in the Funding, Tenders class on the European Commission website links to funding and tender portals such as the Single Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA) and Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), as well as to websites showing the results of EU funding, eg CORDIS and EU Results.

The class indicated in the header or footer of a Commission website links to its landing page. For example: Funding, Tenders.

Original research

As with other classes, the Funding, Tenders class architecture is based on research and analysis of top tasks, user needs, 
organisational goals and analytics.

The top tasks and organisational goals are listed below. 

List of tasks included in this class 

3Funding, grants, subsidies5,0%Top
27Doing business with the European Commission (calls for tenders, bids)1,4%Small
45Public procurement (contracts with public authorities, governments)0,8%Tiny


Organisational goals

  • attract the right and best candidates, proposals and contractors (e.g. by simplifying the (digital) application process
  • promote and raise awareness about funding opportunities
  • show the impact (on policy) of the funding programmes and public procurement
  • improve connections between and with stakeholders
  • best practices for projects, based on projects that have received funding
  • transparency (of the processes and where the funding goes)
  • support European innovation/education/culture/…
  • communicate rules and guidance on public procurement to government, stakeholders and other stakeholders

Read more on Process to define the 15 classes: original research

Top task identification poll for the class “Funding, Tenders”

Factsheet - Funding, Tenders user survey

For more information

Please contact the appropriate Europa account manager.

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