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The Business, Economy, Euro class content gives an overview of the European Commission's related activities in this field, by linking to level content within YourEurope Business (for example, on product safety questions) and by publishing more detailed sections on about the EU's approach to the economy. Economic forecasts and details of economic performance by country, for example, are published here, as is content relating to growth and investment.

The class also contains an explanation on how the EU coordinates economic and fiscal policy, together with a section on the banking and finance sector and its reform. Content about the Euro is shared between the European Commission website; and the European Investment Bank's online presence. The section links to several economic databases such as Ameco, DG Economic and Financial Affairs' annual macro-economic database. 

The class indicated in the header or footer of a Commission website links to its landing page. For example: Business, Economy, Euro.

Original research

As with other classes, the Business, Economy, Euro class architecture is based on research and analysis of top tasks, user needs, 
organisational goals and analytics.

The top tasks and organisational goals are listed below. 

Note that the original class name "Business, Economy" has been modified since the architecture building exercise

List of tasks included in this class

21Product safety, conformity, certification1.5%Small task
25Doing business in the EU1.5%Small task
26Economic growth, financial stability in EU (crisis, assistance to member states)1.4%Small task
29Industry norms and standards1.3%Small task
30Employing people (recruitment, terms & conditions...)1.3%Small task
35Banking and financial markets (reform, regulation)1.1%Small task
42Trade with non-EU countries (import, export, agreements, anti-dumping)1.0%Tiny task


Loans, access to finance, micro-finance0.9%Tiny task
46Euro (coins, notes, eurozone, Economic and Monetary Union) (Task excluded from total - included in 'About')0.8%Tiny task
47Intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, patents0.8%Tiny task
48Customs, tariffs, quotas, duties0.8%Tiny task
51EU labels (eco labels, quality labels, audits)0.7%Tiny task
58Chemicals (approval)0.6%Tiny task
60Corporate social responsibility for business0.6%Tiny task
61E-government0.6%Tiny task
64VAT (Value Added Tax)0.5%Tiny task
67Transport safety (air, road, banned airlines)0.5%Tiny task

Organisational goals

for the Business, Economy, Euro class

  • participation: informing about EU activities and obtaining feedback 
  • reputation and accountability: explain benefits of policies to encourage support; support decision-making by providing context; encourage support for policies, e.g. from other institutions; boost EU's credibility
  • clarification: clarify complex issues, providing and explaining technical information; demystify economic concepts and policies – explain why a policy is important; the Commission's role
  • transparency: be seen to be publishing documents, e.g. impact assessments 

Read more on Process to define the 15 classes: original research

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