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Class description

The About the European Commission class content covers:

  • how the Commission is structured, how it works internally and together with other institutions
  • Departments and executive agencies: their contact details, as well as background information and current news for each directorate-general, executive agency and service department
  • what the Commission does: an overview of roles and responsibilities 
  • service standards and principles: the main principles of good administration the Commission applies
  • the ways in which individuals and groups can participate and offer opinions on Commission (and European Union) processes
  • the different Commission contact points
  • how to visit Commission locations across EU countries

Original research

This class has been created based on work carried out with stakeholders (DGs and people using Commission websites) between September 2014 and February 2015.

Note that the initial class name "About the EU" has been modified since the architecture building exercise.

List of tasks included in "About the EU"

15About the European Union (role, structure, how it works, origin)1.9%

Medium task

19Freedom of information (transparency, access to documents)1.6%

Small task 

20About the European Commission (role, structure, how it works)1.6%Small task 
37Languages in the EU (diversity, translation, interpreting)1.1%Small task 
41Contact European Commission, European Union1.0%Tiny task
46Euro (coins, notes, eurozone, Economic and Monetary Union)0.8%Tiny task
53EU budget0.7%Tiny task
54EU vocabulary and abbreviations0.7%Tiny task
68Complaints to the European Commission0.4%Tiny task
72Visit EU institutions, guided tours0.3%Tiny task
73European Commissioner profiles0.3%Tiny task
77President of the Commission (profile, agenda)0.2%Tiny task


Organisational goals 

Research identified the following organisational goals:

  • transparency
  • improve citizens' perceptions of the European Union
  • explain, eg EU's law and rules; help others to explain
  • show the results of projects/European Union's work

Read more on Process to define the 15 classes: original research

For more information

Please contact the appropriate Europa account manager.

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