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Use the Policy content type to ensure policy information is presented in the clearest manner possible, from high-level policies down to sub-policies at the lowest level.

Use the Policy content type in combination with the following content types: Funding, Law, Consultation, Page, Call for tenders, File and Publication.


  • use the Policy content type only in the Strategy class. From other classes, provide a link to the policy page to avoid duplication
  • please note it is highly recommended to use the policy content type on EC branded standardised websites, but its use on such websites is not yet mandatory
  • any policy page appearing in the first 3 levels of a class must be translated into all official EU languages. From level 4 downwards, please consult the language coverage policy page of this guide.

other EC branded websites:

  • implementation and use of the Policy content type is recommended if the site hosts a significant volume of relevant content


Use the Policy content type if you need to publish high-level policies and sub-policies down to the lowest level on

If you need to create a policy page on the European Commission website, consult the content types guidelines.


Policy information is currently accessible on the European Commission website via the thematic class Strategy (see 'Policies by topic' to view example policy pages). However, policies are pool content. All policies appear in a list view.

Any policy page can contain links to parent policies and to sub-policies. 

Policies on the lowest levels contain all the context information, goals and links to actions to implement the policy.

Use Policy content type fields, including those listed under the left-hand menu bar tabs: Basic Information, Page Architecture, Actions, Policy Input and Details.


DG Communication organises regular Content management system training sessions.

Contact and support

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