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Known also as "webcasting", web streaming is a technology to deliver live images and sound on the web (Internet or Intranet).

Web streaming helps the European Commission to "communicate Europe" in a transparent way. It also represents a means for organising sustainable conferences and information days as no travel is required on the part of attendees.


Web streaming allows people to follow a meeting, conference, workshop, etc. from the comfort of their own offices or homes using their PC.

On the viewer's personal computer, an Internet browser and a freely available video player are needed in order to view the streamed images. Slides projected in the conference room can also be remotely displayed.

Sound can be streamed in all interpreted languages.

The cost of setting up a web streaming is to a large extent offset by savings made on time, travel and stay that also result in the added benefits of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Moreover, the Internet can host more people virtually than any conference room can and there's no need to rent a large conference room to accommodate them.

What services are available

DG Interpretation's webcast portal ( is a one-stop shop where citizens, organisations, public bodies and businesses can 'virtually' attend public conferences, meetings and information days (for call for tenders).
This professional service, run and managed by DG Interpretation, is recommended for important events targeted at European citizens, organisations, businesses and the press.

Service description




Live streaming accessible with any major computer Operating System and Internet browser. The streaming link is also accessible via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).


Streaming service with all interpreted languages.


During the live event, the agenda can be visible on the streaming page. In the recordings, you can jump to a specific item by clicking on it.

Language selection

A pull-down menu is integrated in the interface in both live and recorded sessions: switching between languages is possible dynamically.

Slide presentations

Synchronised both in live and recorded sessions. The slides are also web streamed with the speaker’s camera image.

Editing/ chapterising of recordings

The precise start and end of a speech can be set. Recordings are normally available the day after the event and remain accessible via the same link as for the live streaming.

Availability in the portal (recordings)

Recordings are kept available online for two years (unless the organiser requests they go off-line). A video file can only be sent to the event organisers (format H.264).

Availability of the service (locations)

The streaming service is available from rooms managed by DG SCIC (DG Interpretation) and already equipped with the web streaming infrastructure.

For streaming from external locations, you will find all information about AV&C-2 framework contracts on the Wiki page:


Available for live and recorded sessions, on demand.

Service catalogue (section : Web Streaming)


Webcast portal:

How to request the web streaming service

Request a web streaming in WebDOR:

Annexe Technique => Requêtes optionnelles  => Webstreaming (choose "Gestionnaire de salle")

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact and support

Need further assistance on this topic? Please contact the team in charge of SCIC's web streaming service. (EU Login required)

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