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The mandatory European Commission’s corporate tool for carrying out surveys is EUSurvey, the online survey management system offered by DG DIGIT.

EUSurvey is an application used to create and conduct multilingual surveys and public consultations. It covers all steps in a survey life cycle, from the design and launch of the survey to the analysis and publication of results.


EUSurvey allows you to create and run a wide range of surveys, including targeted and public consultations, satisfaction surveys, event and conference registrations. It helps you manage all stages of your survey, from creation and publication to data collection, analysis and reporting.

EUSurvey offers several question formats, ranging from simple text and multiple-choice questions to spreadsheet questions and multimedia survey items. It allows for dependent questions.

EUSurvey minimises personal data collection by design, and allows you to publish the same survey in 24 official EU languages. Other languages are also available. You have a choice of design/layout options, including a corporate one, and it is free to use.

Access Management

EUSurvey is easily accessible to survey creators in all the EU institutions using their EU Login. Participants can fill in surveys anonymously unless the Survey creator decides to secure that Survey with EU Login. To get started, go to the EUSurvey site.


Editor guide:

The Service Catalogue:

The EUSurvey Interest Group:


Contact and support

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