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Use the Publication content type to publish a group of files that belong together on a single page or to provide users with a summary of a file, before they can download it.


  • use for files with annexes, multiple related files, links to OP, large files split up in multiple chapters, etc
  • do not use for links to EUR-Lex

other EC branded websites:

Implementation and use of the publication content type is recommended if the site hosts a significant volume of relevant content


You should use the Publication content type if you need to publish a group of files (or documents) that belong together on 

Read these guidelines to find out when you should create a publication and when not. If in doubt, use the File content type. A publication can always be created at a later stage.


A publication page allows for structured details about the group of files, such as date, summary, related pages, to be displayed together with the files. A publication page facilitates ease of access and understanding about groups of files.

Publications are displayed in the European Commission website's list view here: and can also appear simultaneously on generic Commission website pages, department pages, policy pages, law pages and research area pages.

If your files are not already available in the CMS, the File content type should be used to create the files that need to be available for download from a publication page first.

Fields that you should fill in the Publication content type include title, summary, date of publication, and the name of the department or person publishing the files. The relevant file nodes should also be added.


DG Communication organises regular Content management system training sessions.

Contact and support

INeed further assistance on this topic? Please contact the team in charge of Europa Domain Management (EU Login required).

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