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Ensure compliance of audiovisual (videos, photos...) material with

  • legal requirements
  • preservation and distribution strategy



All audiovisual material for external communication produced by, purchased by or licensed to the European Commission services and their contractors.

Audiovisual material:

  • includes videos, audio recordings and photos
  • does not include stock footage, stock images or stock music purchased from agencies with limited rights for the illustration of web pages or publications


All audiovisual content must be uploaded to the Audiovisual Library (EU login required) and cannot be hosted locally on websites.

When required by communication need, the content can also be hosted on external services or social media. In this case, it has nevertheless to be provided also to the AV Library.


In Commission websites

  • all videos uploaded to the Audiovisual Library (EU login required) must be embedded in Commission websites using the Europa video player
  • videos that are not (yet) available on the Audiovisual Library may only be embedded in Commission websites using the cookie consent kit for videos (only available for approved platforms)
  • embedding videos owned and published by third parties should be avoided, unless they are from and on trusted sources such as within the EU institutional sphere (European Parliament, European Council) or the United Nations

  • Note: Flash format is not allowed under any circumstance and pages hosting flash animations after 1 January 2020 will be removed

In the official Youtube channel of the European Commission

If relevant, videos can be made available on EUTube (after previous upload to the Audiovisual Library).

In other platforms

If required by communication need, videos can be made available on other services and social media platforms. In this case, it has nevertheless to be provided also to the AV Library.


Depositing audiovisual content in the Audiovisual Library is mandatory for all DGs by decision of the Central Communication Steering Committee of 6 November 2018.1


More information regarding the deposit of audiovisual material can be found on MyIntracomm.


Your use of audiovisual material must respect accessibility guidelines.

Europa video player

Web streaming

  1. Ares (2018)6011281

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