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If you need to link to the EU institutions' websites - Eur-Lex, EU-Bookshop, Tender Online Daily - you must follow the rules on linking as outlined below:

Link to the European Union Laws (Eur-lex)

Links to the European Union Book Shop (EU-Bookshop)

Every book is identified by a nine-character code known as its catalogue number.

The language of the navigation is a two-character code.

These codes must be specified as follows:

    •<catalogue number>:<navigation language>

For example:

Links to Tender Online Daily (TED)

Every tender is identified by a six-character code, followed by a dash, followed by the year of publication (e. g. 297367-2018).

The language of the navigation (two characters) and the format (e. g. HTML) follow the keyword TEXT.

For example:

Contact and support

If you require further assistance, please contact:

Comm Europa Management

European Commission
DG Communication 
Unit B.3 
Europa Web Communication 

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The Europa Web Guide is the official rulebook for the European Commission's web presence, covering editorial, legal, technical, visual and contractual aspects.
All European Commission web sites must observe the rules and guidelines it contains.
Web practitioners are invited to observe its contents and keep abreast of updates. More information about the web guide.