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This section provides information on the editorial workflow that has been set up in the Content Management System of the European Commission and EU websites to help create, review, edit and publish content. It also details the governance process in place to ensure that content changes and additions to the European Commission website ('info site') are carried out in a structured and transparent way.

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Attention: Public content on the Europa Web Guide has moved to the EC core website: Europa Web Guide. Restricted pages are now on SharePoint: European Commission website content governance.
Important note: Please update any links to the guide in your documentation or intranet pages accordingly.

The Europa Web Guide is the official rulebook for the European Commission's web presence, covering editorial, legal, technical, visual and contractual aspects.
All European Commission web sites must observe the rules and guidelines it contains.
Web practitioners are invited to observe its contents and keep abreast of updates. More information about the web guide.