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To publish a consultation on Have your say, you must first send a request to launch its publication to

The request must comply with the following criteria:

  • the original short title and summary of the initiative that were entered in Decide and published with the associated road-map must be unchanged
  • the questionnaire uploaded to EU Survey using the Better Regulation template must be final – changes to a questionnaire are not accepted once a translation has been requested
  • the request should be sent at least three working days prior to the planned publication date. This timeline assumes that the questionnaire, objectives and target audience have already been discussed and agreed with the SG Stakeholder Consultation. Any missing documents/information/validation may delay publication
  • the request for the publication of a consultation must include:

a.    the Decide number of the underlying initiative, if applicable.

b.    information about whether an Inter Service Group exists and when the consultation documents have been agreed by such ISG.

c.     the requested launch date of the public consultation.


As part of the Better Regulation Agenda, the Corporate Communication Steering Committee decided that in order to avoid duplication DGs should no longer publish on their own websites documents that are already published on the Better Regulation Portal (BRP), but should link to BRP instead.

Contact and support

The Secretariat-General's stakeholder consultation team (SG.A2) is the single point of contact for all aspects of better regulation, including stakeholder consultations.

Please send any consultation-related questions to their functional mailbox


Better Regulation guidelines

Better Regulation Toolbox

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