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Mandatory content types ensure that content can be uniformly structured in a single entity that can be reused in multiple locations, thereby reducing content duplication maintenance and development costs.


Mandatory means that content matching the content type brief must be published using the relevant content type.

The mandatory content types are implemented in Europa Web Publishing Platform or relevant platform.


In January 2017, the Corporate Communication Steering Committee invited DGs to cut on average 40% of content on their websites. To assist DGs in this exercise, mandatory corporate content types were developed to minimise content duplication and the need for custom development and its attendant expenditures.

In addition, the mandatory content types help DGs organise content elements and relevant meta-data, including key mandatory information fields, in a coherent and consistent way. This enables filters, lists and search functionalities to provide users with consistent content views.

Mandatory content types details

The current mandatory content types are :

In the near future, the policy content type (see: Other content types) will be accessible on the Europa Web Publishing Platform platform allowing the publication of policy content in a structured way on DG-owned websites.

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