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The various means of transfer to the Europa servers of the Data Centre can all be accessed by external sub-contractors who may be required to develop and/or regularly maintain certain websites.

All accesses to internal IT resources and services of the European Commission require a security Convention which commits both parties with regard to

  • the site ownership (DG Information Resource Manager - IRM)
  • the IT security service of the EC (Directorate S)
  • the sub-contractor (external company)


Each DG's Information Resource Manager (IRM) has all the necessary details concerning the VPN access service (access restrictions, procedure steps for the creation or the modification of a Security Convention) on the Remote Access for Companies DG Informatics page.

Sub-contractors must download the template forms (Part1 template +  Part2 template) and follow the procedure step by step.

Once this has been done, the sub-contractor will receive a 'token' (like a calculator) which will enable them to connect to the necessary servers.

It will take a minimum of 20 open days between the moment forms are sent to Directorate S until the external contractor can access the servers.

In order to reach the chosen application (e.g. Staging manager, FTP transfer, etc), the external user must introduce the generic User-Id + password given to them by the IRM. This can be requested from the "Access Rights" service which encodes the coordinates in the Common Users Database (CUD).

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The Europa Web Guide is the official rulebook for the European Commission's web presence, covering editorial, legal, technical, visual and contractual aspects.
All European Commission web sites must observe the rules and guidelines it contains.
Web practitioners are invited to observe its contents and keep abreast of updates. More information about the web guide.