Union Database application availability (Liquid fuel value chain)

The Online application will be opened for live access from 15th January 2024

Next steps

If your Organization has not been invited then there are following possibilities and in each case please contact your scheme to obtain access to the UDB Live online environment.

  • Your organization details are not completely available with the scheme
  • Your certificate details regarding the sites, scope & materials is not available
  • Both the above information is available but the lead user has not been provided correctly & the lead user is not invited to use the application
  • As of 15th January if the Economic Operator & certificate onboarding is not completed, UDB will mark such Economic Operators as inactive & the Scheme may suspend the certificate. 
  • For non-certified Economic Operator like fuel suppliers, the application will be accessible via self-registration process in later part of Q1 2024.
  • If you are certified as Point of Origin Economic Operator only, then it is not necessary for you to access or submit information on the Union Database for Biofuels. The schemes will provide your certificates to the Union Database. 

Once you have access to the online application, please verify the following

  • The information about your organization & certificates are correct. Please check if all the sites are listed as per the certification. If not please contact your scheme. 
  • Please fill in the mass-balance start date & duration
  • In case of fuel producers,  Please set the production start date 
  • Please fill in the support in case you are obtaining such benefit

The Union Database application will be available to all successfully registered economic operators for transactions registration in the liquid fuels supply chain as from 15th January 2024.

  • Regarding the official start date of the UDB and following several requests from the stakeholders, we have decided to open the application on the 15th of January 2024 to allow for a smoother start and better support to the economic operators. 
  • Initial stocks registration will be possible for the date of 1st January 2024 i.e. the stocks held as of beginning of 2024 by the certified Economic Operators. This feature will be available throughout the year 2024 for those Economic operators who may be onboarded in later part of 2024 to book the consignments as of 1st January 2024 provided they are certified as of this date. Economic operators should ensure that the amounts registered can be evidenced to the auditor during the audit.
  • Transactions can be registered retroactively from 1st January 2024 based on the initial stocks or transactions received from suppliers after 1st January 2024.

Gaseous Value chain: Gaseous Value chain for non-GoO is to go live before 21st November 2024. Testing will be possible on bilateral basis with EOs and TSO/DSO in Q2 & Q3 2024. All interested EOs may contact UDB Team. For GoO, registries who would want to start the integration may contact UDB team for bilateral session as per the communication in the last focus group in December 2023.

System exchange of the information to UDB:  Please contact your scheme for the nominated Service Providers or Access points?

Other topics

Where can I find the User Manual? User Guides / Demo Video's

Where can I find the Frequently asked questions? FAQ - UDB

How can I test the application online / system -exchange? 

  • We encourage Economic Operators who have not yet used the test environment to seek access from your voluntary scheme for online access
  • For those Economic Operators who would like to use the system exchange using Service Provider &/ Access Point, & would like to test the integration, Please contact your scheme or EC-UNION-DB@ec.europa.eu
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