Purpose of initial stock registration:

The purpose of the initial stock registration is to allow economic operators to register an initial available sustainable stock of raw materials or fuels that would allow them later to trade. This feature will be available only during transitioning into the union database to enable economic operators to start registering transactions.  

The initial stocks are applicable for all Economic operators regardless of the point in the value chain in order to ensure the stocks at a given point in time is registered on the Union Database for Biofuels.

When to use initial stock registration

It is essential for all Economic Operators to start the stock recording as of the date 1st January 2024.

* If an EO is onboarded only in Q4 2023, the EO may still use the initial stock registration ex-post as on 1st January 2024.

Who could do the initial registration of stocks?

  • All Economic Operators who have raw materials/intermediate products or fuels at any point in the value chain and would like to use these consignments for further trading.
  • Exception: Point of origin Economic Operators* like farmers & restaurants.
    • These types of EOs are not expected to participate in reporting trade transactions to UDB. The trades from PoO shall be registered by the 1st Gathering or collection point.

Pre-conditions for registering initial stock

  • The EO should be onboarded completely by the scheme, i.e., the organization details & certificate details are completed and the EO has been invited to use the application.  
  • Economic Operators shall verify the correctness of the information. In some cases, the Economic Operator may be allowed to update some information by the scheme as a one-time exception.
  • Which information is essential?
    • Attention: Your company identifier (NTR Type & ID) must be registered correctly. Please do not start the initial stock registration until this is resolved. EOs may share these numbers with their suppliers & customers if not already known.

                     See: Company identifier (Machine readable) section 

    • Certificate details: the sites, as included in the certificates, scope & materials applicable, are correctly updated to ensure you can receive the stocks into & trade from this site.
    • Mass-Balance start date & duration (One-time activity). 

When can the EO register?

  • After the pre-conditions are met, access to the initial stock registration feature will then be enabled.
  • How will the EO know it has been enabled? The EO shall receive communication from the scheme to begin the initial registration of stock.
  • There is some flexibility allowed for choosing the date for the initial stock registration. It can be the date on which the net Mass-balance shall be reached or another date.

What & which period of consignments can EOs' register as initial stocks.

  • Each unique consignment/group of consignments may be registered. A unique consignment is known to Economic Operators as having the same origin, emission characteristics, scheme etc. 
  • In all cases, the amount of initial stock registered should be an easily verifiable and auditable figure. This will be verified and confirmed by auditors in the subsequent audits carried out by certification bodies.
  • How many times do EO's have to register initial stocks? Initial stock registration is a one-time exercise. However, if EOs have several unique consignments, each unique consignment must be recorded.

See attached the latest user guide manual on Initial Stock registration

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