Please find enclosed the last version of the model (Jun 17 , 2024).c

This version is a DRAFT, changes will be necessary to adapt it while the analysis evolves.

The exchange model is defined as a class diagram using a modeling and design tool. It is done in Enterprise Architect (find the EAP file below and a link to a free version of the tool to read it), but it can be opened with any other modeling tool using the XMI file provided below.

The model and its explanations have been exported to Word and PDF, in case no modeling tool is available for you to use.

Finally this exchange model is meant to produce the structure of the XML files that will be exchanged in the messages between UDB and service providers, you can also find the export to XSD files below used to formally describe the elements in these XML files. 

Exchange model definition:

Model documentation in pdf format:

UDB-Exchange-Model - xml schemas v1.4.pdf

Model documentation in word format:

UDB-Exchange-Model - xml schemas v1.4.docx

Exchange model in EAP format (Enterprise Architect Project) :


Free reader for eap files :

Model documentation in XMI format (XML Metadata Interchange) :

UDB-Exchange-Model - xml schemas v1.4.xmi

Exchange model in xsd format :

UDB-Exchange-Model - xml schemas

Exchange model sample request and response

Field Specification

For any question or comment, please use this link: Union database (UDB) Exchange Model

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