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The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

The details of the Beneficiary, Consortium Coordinator and Consortium Members should first be updated in the Organisation Registration system and then updated in the National Agency project management system. Depending on the action type and role of the organisation, the details of partner/other organisations can be added, updated and deleted while others will have to be updated in ORS. This page explains how to add, edit and delete organisations in My projects.


How to manage organisations

Click on "Organisations" in the Content menu

In your project, click on Organisations in the Content menu. The Organisations screen displays.


Click on Organisations in the Content menu

List of organisations 

The organisations mentioned in the grant agreement are available automatically in the project when it is created in My projects, and displayed in the Organisations list. You can add more organisations to the project, with or without an OID, using the Create option, as explained under Add an organisation below. Depending on the organisation role and whether it is part of the grant agreement, one or more of the following options are available, by clicking on the relevant icon in the Actions column. From left to right:

  • View - allows you to view the organisation details
  • Edit - allows you to make changes to organisation details that are not derived from the Organisation Registration system 
  • Delete - allows you to delete the organisation from the project in My projects

Here is an example from a KA152-YOU project:

List of organisations

The list of organisations displays the following information for the organisations participating in the project:

  1. OID - the Organisation ID unique identifier obtained when registering in the Organisation Registration system . This identifier does not vary from one project to another.
  2. Organisation ID - the unique organisation identifier in your project. This identifier is assigned when the organisation is created in My Projects and can be changed, but must be unique within the project.
  3. Organisation Role - Displays the role of the organisation in the project, for example Beneficiary organisation, Partner Organisation, Consortium Coordinator, Consortium member, Other.
  4. Legal name
  5. Public body  - a flag indicating whether the organisation is a public body.
  6. Non-profit - a flag indicating whether the organisation is a non-profit organisation.
  7. Country
  8. City

Here is an example from a KA121-VET project:

Organisation details displayed in the list


View organisation details

To view the details of an organisation in your project, click on the View (eye) icon in the Actions column. 

View organisation details

The organisation details open, providing an overview of the available organisation information. 

The screen consists of several sections, which can be collapsed or expanded individually, using the dedicated arrows.

  • Organisation - here you can view the OID (if applicable), Organisation ID, Organisation Role, and other information;
  • Role in Mobility Activity - only applicable to KA121 and KA122 projects; depending on the organisation role in the project, you will be able to edit these roles. See the specifics for KA121/122 below.
  • Organisation Address and Legal Information - includes legal address and contact information as well as a field for additional comments about the organisation;
  • Accreditations / Quality Labels  - only applicable to OID organisations, and subject to the key action of your project, it displays valid accreditations and Quality Labels.

Here is an example from an ESC51-VTJ project:

View organisation details

Click the Back button at the bottom of the screen to close the organisation details and return to the list of organisations.


Add an organisation

Click on "Create"

To add an organisation to the project, click on the Create button at the top of the Organisations list. A new screen opens, where you will add the organisation details.

Click on Create to add an organisation

Add an Organisation with OID

Depending on the action type of your project, you can add organisations with or without an OID to your project.

If the organisation you want to add has an OID:

  1. Enter the OID in the applicable field, then click outside the OID field in the Organisations screen.
  2. If the OID is found, the related organisation information is automatically retrieved and the relevant fields are filled in.
    1. The fields that retrieve data from the Organisation Registration system are greyed out and cannot be changed in My projects. Any changes to these details must be made in the Organisation Registration system and require further action from the National Agency.
    2. The sections Accreditations and Quality Labels are also greyed out, as this information is retrieved from the National Agency project management system.
  3. Fill in the other fields as applicable. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).
  4. Once all necessary information is provided, click on the Save button.

If the OID is not found, an error message is displayed in red. Check that you have provided the correct OID and make the necessary corrections. If you believe you have entered a valid OID but the error persists, please contact your National Agency. You can find the contact details of National Agencies for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps in the  Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform > Support section.

Add an Organisation with OID

Take note

  • Each participating organisation, identified through a unique OID, can only be added once to the project. 
  • The field Erasmus Code is available in Higher Education projects. If you provide a valid Erasmus Code (ECHE), the relevant organisation information is automatically retrieved and filled in. See the specifics for KA131-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff below.

Add an Organisation without OID

If the organisation you want to add has no OID, leave the OID field empty, and fill in all the other fields as required. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Once all necessary information is provided, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. The button is greyed out until all mandatory fields are filled in.

Add an Organisation without OID

Organisation added to project

When you click Save, a success message confirms that the organisation details have been saved.

The newly added organisation is now displayed in the list of organisations in your project. You can now add contact persons for the organisation, if required. See the page Contacts in projects for details.

Organisation saved

The organisation is added to project


Edit organisation information

Click on the "Edit" icon

To update organisation information, click on the Edit icon. 

Click on Edit to edit organisation information

Organisation with OID

Only some fields can be updated if the organisation you want to edit has an OID. The fields that retrieve data from the Organisation Registration system are greyed out and cannot be changed in My projects. Any changes required on these details must be done in the Organisation Registration system and require further action from the National Agency.

Edit an organisation with OID

Organisation without OID

If the organisation you want to edit does not have an OID, all the information can be updated. Make the changes as applicable. Note that an OID cannot be added at this point, as the field is greyed out.

Edit an organisation without OID

Click on "Save"

Click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. The organisation information is updated.


Delete an organisation from the project

The Beneficiary organisation(s) (single beneficiary or consortium) sent to your project with the project information from the National Agency's project management system can never be removed in My projects. For these organisations, the Delete icon is not available in the Actions column of the Organisations list. If you need to remove such organisations, please contact your National Agency for an amendment to your grant agreement. 

Partner organisations and other organisations can be removed. In the list of organisations, these organisations have the Delete icon available in the Actions column. 

Click on the Delete icon to remove the organisation from the project, then confirm the deletion in the pop-up window. The organisation will be removed from the project. 


The deletion of a participating organisation may have several consequences.

For example, if mobility activities (Erasmus+ projects) or participations (ESC51-VTJ projects) have already been added and the organisation to be deleted is a sending or receiving organisation for mobility activities/participations, deletion is only possible after the affected mobility activities/participations are either assigned to a different sending or receiving organisation, or removed from the project.

In European Solidarity Corps ESC30-SOL - Solidarity projects, organisations participating in activities cannot be deleted. 

Delete an organisation from the project


An email notification is sent to the preferred contact of the organisation added in My projects, providing information on the project and access as well as useful links. 

Changes made to organisations in My projects will also result in an email notification to the preferred contact of the organisation, informing them of this fact. 

Specifics for European Solidarity Corps projects

ESC30-SOL - Solidarity Projects

Unlike other European Solidarity Corps key actions, ESC30-SOL - Solidarity Projects allow only one organisation to be involved in a project. Therefore the option to add other organisations is not available.

The beneficiary organisation is either an organisation or a natural person, member of the group of people involved in the project, that has applied on behalf of the group using the Organisation ID obtained when registering in the Organisation Registration system.

Specifics for ESC30-SOL - Solidarity Projects


ESC51-VTJ - Volunteering Projects

All organisations that wish to take part in European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects must hold a valid Quality Label  for volunteering with a host or support role. Implicitly, they must be registered in the Organisation Registration system and have a valid Organisation ID. For more details about these projects please see the page European Solidarity Corps project management overview .

Specifics for Erasmus+ KA1 projects 

KA131-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff 

  1. Higher Education projects can involve organisations from Programme countries as well as from third countries not associated to the Programme. 
  2. Depending on the nature of the activities, the project can include only higher education institutions (HEIs) (with a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) or also other types of organisations. Please see the page Mobility activities in Higher Education projects (KA131-HED) for more details.
  3. It is possible to add a HEI to the project starting from its valid Erasmus Code: in the Organisation details screen add the valid Erasmus code in the dedicated field. The OID and all related information is automatically retrieved. Check and update (if applicable) the remaining organisation details, then click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen to add the organisation to the project.

KA131-HED Add a HEI using its Erasmus Code


KA121/KA122  - Accredited / Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education, vocational education and training, and adult education

Roles in mobility activity

In the Role in mobility activity section of the organisation details screen you can view and/or choose the mobility activity roles applicable to each organisation involved in the project: Sending organisation / Host organisation / Supporting organisation

For the organisations specified in the grant agreement, all the roles are already assigned to all organisations. For the Beneficiary, these roles cannot be changed. For other organisations, you will be able to change the roles as applicable, by unchecking the relevant tick boxes for each organisation, in the organisation details screen.

It is possible to add further organisations to the project either with or without an Organisation ID. For such organisations, the mobility activity roles can be changed as applicable. 

In the mobility activity screen, when adding the sending and receiving organisation, respectively, only the organisations having the relevant mobility activity roles are available each of the drop-down lists.

Organisation roles in mobility activity in KA121 and KA122 projects

Specifics for Erasmus+ KA2 projects

Create, Edit and Delete options are not available for KA2 projects. Any changes to the Beneficiary Organisation or any other participating organisations as well as the addition of organisations to the project must be done by the National Agency in their project management system.

Expected Outcome

  • All organisations participating in the projects are added and/or updated.



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