The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

This page describes the general layout and navigation of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform.

It is from this platform that both External Expert and NA Internal Experts users can access Assessment module, and find direct links to their ongoing assignments as well as an overview of the number of applications, interim reports and/or final reports assigned by their National Agency for assessment and not yet completed. It is also possible to access the experts past, completed assignments easily from the platform.



The Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform is the single entry point to the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes for the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027.

The page is accessible even if you do not yet have an EU Login account or not be logged in to the portal. In that case you are restricted to have public access only.
Most of the actions you will perform as an expert require signing in. 


Layout and menu items

The screen consists of the following areas:

  1. Top bar
  2. Main menu
  3. Work area
  4. Footer

The main menu, header and footer are always displayed and can be accessed from anywhere inside the platform. 

The content that is available to you depends on your role in the organisation and whether or not you are authenticated.

Erasmus and European Solidarity Corps platform

Top bar

The following elements are available in the top bar:

  1. The breadcrumb shows your path of navigation. It also allows you to quickly return to the homepage.
  2. Register or login - allows you to login to the homepage. An EU Login account is required for signing in.
  3. The Profile icon - active only after login. When clicked, opens options to provide website feedback and to sign out.
  4. The language selection icon - clicking on it enables you to change the language from English to another language of the programme countries. If your desired language is not supported, you will continue to see all items and information in English. Once you have selected a language, your choice will be preserved for all future sessions.
  5. Notifications - messages of general interest are displayed when relevant.
Top bar

Once you sign in, you will also be able to:

  1. Leave Website feedback about your experience using the platform.
  2. Sign out of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform.

Signed in user

At the bottom of the screen you will find a link to the privacy statement as well as the date and version of the latest platform update.


Main menu

Use the main menu to navigate through the various sections of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform. Following options are available without singing in:

  1. Home - return to the homepage. 
  2. Organisations - search, register an organisation or view the list of your organisations; last two options require signing in
  3. Opportunities - access the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Web application forms
  4. Projectslink to the Project Results platform
  5. Support - links to user guides and contact information
  6. Resources - access to additional resources relevant to the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes

On a desktop computer screen, the menu can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the X and/or menu icon, respectively. On a mobile device, the menu is collapsed by default and only the menu icon is displayed.

Main menu

Using the main menu

To access a specific page:

  1. Click on a section title in the main menu to expand the corresponding section. The drop-down arrow next to the title indicates that the section is now expanded. Clicking again on the title collapses the section.
  2. Click on a desired page to display its content in the work area. The selected page is highlighted with a white arrow on a dark blue background.

Opened and Expanded menu item

Certain sections will open in a new browser tab. These are easily identifiable via a specific icon, as shown here. To return to the homepage, simply return to the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform tab.

External links

Work area

The Work area displays content according to your selection in the main menu and to whether or not you have signed in.

Where applicable, the work area is further divided into:

  1. The left panel contains a Content menu or a Search/filter area, depending on the context. It helps the user filter or navigate through the content displayed in the right panel.
    • This panel can be collapsed or expanded on a desktop computer screen by clicking on the relevant arrow. On mobile devices, this panel is collapsed by default. 
  2. The right panel is the Content panel - it displays information in accordance with your selection in the main menu and the left panel.

It is possible to scroll independently through the menu, the work area as a whole, and the panels of the work area.

Example of Work area after selecting Search for organisation from the main menu


Sign in / Sign out

To sign into the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform click on Register or sign in in the top bar and provide your EU Login username and password.

Register or login

After successful login, your name and role as well as the code of the NA that hired you are displayed. 

To sign out, click the Profile icon and select the Sign out button.

Signed in user information display and Sign out option


The homepage after signing in as expert

Main menu 

After login to EESCP as expert the Assessments menu items become available. From here you have access to My Assessments and OEET, the application used to evaluate for the past programmes, as well as the Expert assessment guide.

Main menu after sign in as expert

Search filters

After signing in you will have access to the Search filters in the main work area. By default the Search filter options are collapsed. Click on the > to display the Search filter panel. 

Welcome screen after sign in as expert

The following search filters are available:

  1. Active filter: is the combination of criteria your are currently using; the active filter can be saved, updated and set as default.
  2. Quick Filters: Predefined filtersallowing you to narrow down your list of results. These are Programmes, Calls, Rounds, Key Actions, Action types and Fields.

The default filter is set to All programmes, all calls, all rounds and all key actionsAn independent scroll bar is available for the Search filter panel. You can use the available toggle buttons to show or hide one or more of these filters. 

For full details about the general functionalities of the search filters, please see Search filter basics.

Search filters

Customise your homepage

Even though the Customise button is available on the homepage, the only option available for expert users is My Assessments.   

To open this panel click on the Customise button. To close the panel click either on the Close Customise button or on the X in the top right corner of the panel. 

Customise option

Access to the expert assignments

Expert - Assessments in progress

Under ASSESSMENTS in the content area you find an overview of your Assessments in progress, with the system default filter set to all Programmes, all Calls, all Rounds and all Key actions and/or Action types.

An overview of your ongoing assignments is displayed, separated by Assessment type, either Applications, Interim Reports and Final reports. The total number of your ongoing assignments is also available. 

Overview of Assessments in progress per Assessment type

The displayed numbers are hyperlinked. Clicking on these will open Assessment module on the My Assessments screen, displaying the relevant projects as per search filters.

For example, clicking on the number 17 in row Applications will open My Assessments, displaying the ongoing assignments regarding the evaluation of Applications. The Search filters are set to display only the projects for Assessment Type Application, for any Expert, Consolidator and/or Editor assignments you may have received in an ongoing status. 

Any additionally set search filters will also be reflected in the results displayed under My Assessments.

My Assessments with List of all ongoing assignments for Assessment type Applications

Any additionally set Search filters will update the information under Expert - Assessments In progress as per set search criteria. In our example, we now filtered for assignments for action type KA120-SCH. Two ongoing assignments regarding the evaluation of applications are found. If you click on the hyperlinked number, My Assessment will open, pre-filtered as per criteria set in EESCP, meaning only these two projects will be displayed in the list. 

Updated overview display as per set Search filters

View past, completed assessments

Clicking on the hyperlinked text View past, completed assessments below the overview of your ongoing assignments will open Assessment module on the My Assessments screen, displaying all your already completed (and/or cancelled) assignments. Any additionally set search filters will also be reflected in the results displayed under My Assessments.

Link to access overview of past, completed assessments

The My Assessments screen will open. The filters are set to exclude any ongoing assignments for the assignment roles Expert, Consolidator and Editor. Therefore only your past, already completed assignments and cancelled ones are displayed in the Search results.

Display of past, completed assessments in My Assessments, ongoing assignments excluded from the Search filters

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