The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

This page explains how to add, update and delete contacts for a project in Beneficiary module. 

For a quick overview of the contacts in Beneficiary module, please view the eLearning video.


  • Only the contact persons of the beneficiary, co-beneficiary and/or partner organisations with edit rights for the project are able to perform these actions.
  • As contacts are linked to organisations, you must add the participating organisations first.
  • A grant agreement has been signed for the project, and it is visible in My projects.
  • To update the project it must have the status Project Ongoing.


1. Access "Contacts" in the Content menu

In your project, click on Contacts  in the Content menuThe Contacts screen displays.

Access the project contacts

2. List of contacts

At least two contacts for the Beneficiary organisation will be available in the list by default, the Contact Person and the Legal Representative of the project as submitted with the related Application form. Contacts for the participating organisations part of the grant agreement, for example partner organisations, are also transferred upon project creation. 

Contact persons transferred from the NA project management system and flagged as Primary Contact or Legal representative will obtain their respective Read/Write access rights for both the project and project dissemination. 

Take note

The list of contacts belonging to the Beneficiary organisation must include at least one contact flagged as the primary contact so that automatic notifications can always reach a valid recipient. The list of contacts belonging to the Beneficiary organisation must include at least one contact with full access to the project.

In this example, two contacts for the beneficiary organisation are available in the project. 

Beneficiary contacts by default available

If other contacts than the ones available in the project are required to have access to the project, the existing beneficiary user(s) can  add  them. 

The contact list has the following functionalities: 

  • Sorting by column: by clicking on a column header (1st click ascending, 2nd click descending, 3rd click off). An arrow indicating the current sort sequence is displayed next to the selected column header.

  • Browsing: use the browsing options below the list to change the display of items per page and/or the arrows to view more results.

  • Horizontal and vertical scroll bars: move from left to right and top to bottom to view all data in the table.

See the page List functionality in projects for additional information on the list functionalities, such as Search, Filters and the Bulk Actions.

The contacts for the beneficiary organisation cannot be edited or deleted. The relevant icons are inactive for these. 

Available options


3. Add a contact 

3.1. Click on the "Create" button

Click on the Create button. 

Click on the Create button

The Contacts screen opens. Here you have to provide all required information. 


All mandatory fields show the message  value required  and a red asterisk ( * ). Use the available scroll bars to access all fields to be completed. 

The Back to list button allows you to return to the list of contacts.  The Save button is disabled until all mandatory information is provided for the contact. 

Contacts screen opens

The Contacts form consist of three sections:

  • Contact Person
  • Access to Project
  • Contacts

By default, these sections are expanded when accessing the contact form. They can be collapsed/expanded individually by using the available arrows. 

Available sections in contact form, all collapsed


3.2. Select the organisation the contact belongs to

Click on the Organisation drop-down box and select the organisation for which you want to fill in the contact details. All organisations available in the project are available for selection. 

If the organisation is not available, you  can  add it from the Organisations section in your project. See the page Organisations in projects for details. 


The role of an organisation in your project affects the contact's access to the project as well as certain options you can check in relation to the contact person.

Select the organisation from the drop-down list

3.3. Provide the required information

After you have selected the organisation, continue to provide all required details. 

Take note of the following rules for contacts in Beneficiary module: 

  • The email address used for a contact must be unique across all organisations within the same project, except when the legal representative and the contact person share the same email. 
  • A contact may not belong to any organisations other than the beneficiary organisation, the co-beneficiary organisations or other organisations participating in the project.
  • There can be a maximum of three Legal Representatives for any given participating organisation within the same project.
  • The list of contacts belonging to the beneficiary organisation must include at least one contact flagged as the primary contact. This will ensure that automatic notifications can always reach a valid recipient. 
  • The list of contacts belonging to the beneficiary organisation must include at least one contact with full access to the project (i.e Edit access).
  • By default all contacts from the other participating organisations have view access to the entire project data, but this can be changed by beneficiary contacts with edit access.
  • Contacts from an Invited Organisation (KA2 projects) do not have access to the project in My projects.

Fill in the available fields:

  1. General information such as First name, Last name and email address
  2. Select the contact's Role within their organisation by checking the appropriate boxes: 
    • Primary Contact  - all automated notifications regarding the selected project are sent to this contact's registered email address.
    • Learning Manager - this option indicates that the user has the Learning Manager role in the EU Academy system.
    • The Legal Representative check box cannot be selected, as all Legal representative information is retrieved from the National Agency's project management system.
      Contact details fields
  3. Select whether the contact has Edit, View or No Access to:
    • The project in Beneficiary module (project management
    • Project dissemination
      Edit, View or None access
  4. Address and further contact information
    • Use the Same as organisation tick box to automatically fill in the information. The information will be the same as available for the organisation. 
    • You can also provide the required information manually by providing the required information in the available fields

Provide address information manually or tick the Same as organisation tick box to auto-complete the information


3.4. Click on "Save"

The Save button in the bottom right corner of the screen becomes available when all mandatory information is filled in. Click on the Save button to save the contact details. A success message displays.

Click on the Save button

A success message displays.

Success message displays

3.5. Contact available in list of Contacts

The newly added contact is displayed in the list. The role in the organisation and the project access level are indicated in the respective columns. You may have to use the scroll bar of the table to access all information. 

See the page List functionality in projects for additional information on the list functionalities, such as Search, Filters and the Bulk Actions.

Added contact available in the list


4. Edit a contact 

4.1. Click on the "Edit" icon

If you want to make changes to a contact's information, click on the Edit (pencil) icon.

Take note

It is only possible to edit contacts that you have created in My projects.

Click on the Edit icon

4.2. Make the required changes and click on "Save"

You can update all information for a contact, with the exception of the Legal representative check box.

Legal representative tick box inactive

Make the required changes for the contact person. 

If the Same as organisation tick box was selected upon creation of the contact, all fields in the Contacts section are read-only. You have to untick the box in order to make changes to these details manually. 

Contact information read-only if Same as organisation tick box active

Click on the  Save button to save the changes made.

Click on the Save button

4.3. Contact updated

A success message is displayed. The contact information is updated. You are redirected to the Contact list

Contact updated


5. Remove a contact 

5.1. Click on the Delete icon

To remove a contact from the list, click on the Delete icon.

Delete icon

5.2. Confirm the deletion

Confirm the deletion in the confirmation pop-up window.

Confirm the deletion

5.3. Contact removed from project contacts

The contact is no longer available in the contacts list and no longer has access to the project. 

Contact removed from project contacts

Expected Outcome

  • Email notifications are sent to added contacts

  • Added contact has access to the project in Beneficiary module as per access given; except for contacts of Invited Organisations in KA2 projects