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Take note

Questions or fields may vary depending on the action you apply for. Please read the onscreen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

 Relevant For...

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call year 2022
    • All, except:
      • KA121 - Mobility for staff of accredited organisations  
      • KA151 - Mobility of young people for accredited organisations 
  • European Solidarity Corps Call year 2022
    • All, except:
      • ESC51 - Volunteering projects

Take note

If you are applying for call 2021 please click here to view guide for Associated Persons (Call 2021).

This page explains how to add the details of associated persons for a participating organisation in the application forms. Associated persons can only be added after the organisation (applicant or otherwise) is added to the project. Depending on the type of application and the role of the organisation, at least one contact has to be provided in the application, but it is strongly advised to add at least two different contacts. It is possible to add up to 3 Legal Representatives and up to 6 associated persons in total (including the Legal representatives).

The information below must be completed both for the applicant and for any partner/participating organisation. Our example shows how to add associated persons for organisations using an Erasmus accreditation for higher education mobility consortia (KA130-HED) form.  

For information

For KA121 - Mobility for staff of accredited organisations, KA151 - Mobility of young people for accredited organisations and ESC51 - Volunteering projects application forms no associated persons can be added in the form. The associated persons for those are automatically transferred to the National Agency's project management system upon submission of your application. These are the same contacts added to the related accreditation/Quality Label request. The associated persons for those actions will not be visible in the accredited grant request.

Take note

Please note that for the following actions the contact for Online linguistic support is automatically assigned as follows: 

  • KA121 - Mobility for staff of accredited organisations: The contact is the primary contact of the associated KA120 application 
  • KA151 - Mobility of young people for accredited organisations: The contact is the primary contact of the associated KA150 application 
  • ESC51 - Volunteering, Traineeships and Jobs Projects: The contact is the primary contact of the associated ESC50 application 



  • A valid Organisation ID for your organisation must have been provided under Participating and/or Applicant organisation.
  • If you plan to have partner organisation(s) or consortium member(s) in your project, their Organisation ID must also have been provided.


1. Access "Associated Persons" for an organisation

Select Participating organisations or Applicant organisation in the content menu, depending on your type of application. 

  1. Select the name of the institution for which you want to update the associated persons.
  2. Scroll down in Participating organisations to the Associated Persons subsection.
  3. The Associated Persons explanatory information and details (if any) display. 

View Associated persons in Participating organisations

A number of requirements regarding the associated persons are listed for each organisation. These requirements depend on the type of project and the type of organisation. 

When an associated person is added, one or more of these requirements may be resolved, and disappear from the list. 

When no unresolved requirements are shown here, the associated persons section for this organisation is complete.

Sample requirements


2. Add contact using "Add an associated person"

Click on the Add an associated person button.

Take note

You need to have at least two different associated persons for each organisation.

You may add up to 6 associated persons for each organisation, including up to 3 Legal representatives.

Add an associated person

2.1. Provide required information

The Create a Contact person window opens. Provide the required information about the contact person in the available fields. 

Take note

A valid telephone number and a valid email address must be specified.

You cannot have two persons with same email address as associated persons.

If the Legal representative role is selected, the person's position in the organisation must also be specified.

Create contact person

2.2. Select the person's role(s) using the radio buttons

Associated persons are persons related to the project in the selected organisation. A person can have different roles: Legal representative, Primary contact person and, for some actions, the Online linguistic support.

The first person added in your form is by default the Primary contact person. The relevant checkbox is pre-selected. This can be changed later, as you add more associated persons.

If you select the Legal representative role, the field Position becomes mandatory.

Select roles

2.3. "Legal representative" and "Primary contact person"

You have to indicate at least two types of associated persons: a Legal representative and a Primary contact Person

  • The Legal representative is the person with the authorisation to represent the organisation in legal agreements and contracts.
  • The primary contact person is the main person in charge and the first contact point for everything that has to do with your project. One person can have more than one role.

Take note

The same person can be both a Legal representative and a primary contact.

Up to 3 persons can be Legal representatives.

Only one associated person can be the primary contact for each organisation.

2.4. "Online linguistic support" contact 

The Online linguistic support contact person is the person who will receive personal credentials by email in order to access the Online Linguistic Support License Management System.

The online linguistic support contact person is available in the following forms:

  • KA122-SCH, KA122-VET, KA122-ADU - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education, vocational education and training, and adult education 
  • KA131-HED - Mobility of higher education students and staff 
  • KA152-YOU - Mobility of young people
  • KA153-YOU - Mobility of youth workers 
  • KA154-YOU - Youth Participation Activities

Take note

If the online linguistic support role option displays, one person from the organisation must have this role. 

The online linguistic support contact and the primary contact do not have to be the same person.

Only one associated person can be the online linguistic support contact for each organisation.

2.5. "Add to my contact list" option

The radio button Add to my contact list is available in the Create an associated person window.

If you select this option, the contact information entered for this person is saved to your contact list.

Your saved contacts are available under My Contacts and you can view them at any time from the main menu.

Add to my contact list

You cannot add two persons with the same email address to the contact list.

2.6. Save associated person

Once all the mandatory information for the selected person has been entered, the save button in the bottom right corner becomes active.

Click on the Save button. The personal details screen closes.

Save associated person

In the Participating Organisations panel, you will see the added person in the list of associated persons for the organisation, preceded by a green bar. This indicates that all information for that associated person has been correctly filled in.

View associated person(s) in list


3. Add a person from your contact list

3.1. Click on "Search on my contacts list"

If you want to add an associated person who is already in your contact list, you can quickly add the personal details into your application form.

Click on the Search on my contact list button.

Search on my contact list

3.2. Select the contact(s) to be added from the list and "Save"

The Search on my contact list window opens.

It is possible to select one or several contacts at the same time. Select the contacts you want to add by clicking on the Add button.

Note: Where relevant, you can already indicate whether the contact is a Legal representative by ticking the Legal representative checkbox before clicking the Add button.

Once the contacts have been selected, click on the Save button.

Select contacts from contact list

The contacts are added to the list of associated persons. They are now visible in the participating organisations panel.

View update list of associated persons

3.3. Assign role(s) to contacts

In the list of associated persons, click on the Edit icon (green pen) next to a contact or on the right arrow at the end of the line. The details section for the contact is expanded.
Select the relevant check boxes for the roles you want to assign. In our example, we select Contact person for Online linguistic support. The changes are saved immediately.

To close the details click the down arrow to the right of the header line.

Assign role(s) to a contact


4. Add additional contact(s)

If needed, you can add further contacts for your organisation using the Add an associated person option or via Search on my contact list as explained earlier.

You must have at least two different persons per organisation to make sure at least one person can be reached. Each person must have a unique e-mail address.

5. Update contact details

5.1. Update details for an associated person

To update information for an existing associated person:

  1. Access the contact details via the Edit (pencil) icon or click the right arrow (>) at the end of the line to open the person's details.
  2. Make the required adjustments - the changes are saved immediately.
  3. To close the detail window again, click the down arrow to the right in the title line.

Update contact details

5.2. Change the Primary contact or online linguistic support

To change the Primary contact person:

  1. Access the contact details via the Edit (pencil) icon or click the right arrow (>) at the end of the line to open the person's details.
  2. Check the box for Primary contact person
  3. A warning message displays, informing you that only one person can be the primary contact.
  4. Click Edit to and update the details of the previous primary contact person added in the form.
  5. Uncheck the box for the Primary contact person. The above warning message disappears.

To change the online linguistic support person, follow the same steps.

Change primary contact

5.3. Add additional Legal representatives

You can assign the role of legal representative to up to 3 associated persons. Simply edit a person's details and check the box for Legal representative.

Once you have checked the box, the Position field becomes mandatory for the person, and you must fill in the details.

The changes are saved immediately.

Add additional legal representatives


6. Add an associated person to "My Contacts" list

To add an associated person to your contact list, click the yellow (+) icon.

The associated person is added to your contact list, and the (+) icon is replaced by a (-) icon, which allows you to remove the associated person from from My contacts list at any time. 

Take note

Adding a contact this way is only possible if there is no other user with the associated email already in the contact list.

Add person to My Contacts from list of Associated persons

7. Remove associated person from "My Contacts" list

To remove an associated person from your contact list, click the yellow (-) icon, then click Yes in the pop-up message to confirm the removal.

The associated person is removed from the contact list, but not from the list of associated persons in this application form. The (-) icon is replaced by a (+) icon, which allows you to add the contact back to My contacts list at any time.

Take note

Removing a contact this way is only possible if the person has been added to the project from your contact list.

Remove an associated person from My contacts


8. Delete an associated person

To delete an associated person from the list, click on the X icon, then click Yes in the pop-up message to confirm the deletion.

The associated person is removed from the list of associated persons for this application, but not from your contact list.

Delete an associated person

Expected Outcome

  • The Associated person have been added to an organisation. 
  • When all required roles have been added and all other required information for the organisation has been provided, the organisation subsection is marked complete.