The Assignment ID is an identifier assigned to an expert (acting either as expert, editor or consolidator) to define the relationship between the expert and the given assessment in AM.  

The Assignment ID is made up of a series of letters and numbers in the format: Assessment type-Role-Assignment number.

  • Assessment type can be
    • APP for application
    • IR for Interim Report
    • FR for Final Report
  • Role can be: 
    • E1, E2 or E3 for the expert assigned, for example E1 stands for the expert assigned as Expert1
    • E for editor, or
    • C for consolidator
  • Assignment number:
    • incremental numbering, starting at 01, increases automatically when the expert for that assignment is replaced

Examples of Assignment IDs in AM: 

  • APP-E1-02
  • IR-C-01
  • FR-E-01

Do not confuse the assignment ID with the Assignment versionThe assignment version is an incremental number preceded by the letter v. It increases by 1 every time a new assignment is requested from the same expert by the NA Selection Manager. Examples of assignment versions are v01, v02, v03.