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Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries

Technical Guidelines & Best Practices for INSPIRE registers and registries

Architecture Scenarios [DRAFT]


Workshops and webinars

INSPIRE registry service

The INSPIRE registry provides a central access point to a number of centrally managed INSPIRE registers. The content of these registers are based on the INSPIRE Directive, Implementing Rules and Technical Guidelines. The service is accessible through a RESTful interface described in the INSPIRE registry help page.

Re3gistry software

The Re3gistry is a tool used to manage the data contained in the registry. It is made up of several components to store and to transform the data to some custom formats to be served by a web service. The web service has a RESTful interface to access the data. You can access different formats and languages using content negotiation or directly calling the desired file. The development plan for the future releases of the Re3gistry software is available in the Re3gistry software development page.

Re3gistry overview page

Architecture Study for an INSPIRE Registry Federation 

The intention of this study is to further elaborate the outcomes of the registry workshop in January 2014 concerning registry federation aspects and to provide the basis for further discussions in a MIG sub-group on registries and registers.

The deliverables of the study as well as the reference material will be made available on the study's wiki page.

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