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Identification & tagging MS Open data sets in the INSPIRE Geoportal


During the INSPIRE Geoportal Workshop (23.1-24.1 2019) as well as during the MIG-T face to face meeting (3-4.4. 2019) the topic of improving usability of harvested MS data sets was again raised. Harmonizing the licensing framework or at least making licensing information very clear to possible users was clearly identified as one of the categories of issues to follow up. Furthermore, 2 years ago at the 38th MIG-T meeting in Ghent, it was agreed to work on a common approach for identifying open data sets and describing licences in metadata. As a first step, MIG-T members were invited to document their current approaches for identifying open data in their national discovery services, as well as other types of "tagging" to identify other categories of data in the metadata. 

At that time, we received 17 responses from the following countries:


The call for contributions and the responses collected are available here:

New Request

The purpose of the analysis is to identify and clearly tag, in the INSPIRE Geoportal, the MS data sets available under an open license. An open license is here meant as a license allowing to freely use, modify and distribute the data set (or modified versions of the data set) for any purpose, under the conditions of - at most - providing the attribution of the data set source. Examples of open licenses (as meant in this context) are CC0 and CC BY.

We would like now to restart the process, asking you to provide clear instructions how we can identify open data (meant as defined above) in your national discovery services. We propose to use the same template used in the past:

  • Metadata element used (use INSPIRE name or ISO xPath if possible): 3. Keyword | 8.2 Limitations on public access.
  • Controlled vocabularies, conventions or keywords used: Please, provide clearly the values (in the used language) that we can use to extract from your discovery service/MD of datasets/services
  • Comments: any additional important comments, e.g. in case you are not distinguishing open data in your national context because all the resources are open data.

Please, provide the required information as a comment to this page, starting with the country code you belong to. Please note that you will need to be logged in, in order to be able to make comments.

Representatives of the 17 countries that have already responded in the past are asked to check their previous responses and copy-paste them (if the information is the same) or update them (if the information has changed). Please note that comments are no longer enabled in the old page ( you should provide the new instructions as a comment to this page (using the text box at the bottom).

The instructions/filters for identifying open data will be also stored in the Register of MS Discovery Services.

Showing the open data in the Geoportal

Once we receive your instructions to identify open data in your Discovery Services, we will create a script to combine your instructions and will clearly tag the open data in the Geoportal front-end apps.