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Mandatory evaluation by the Commission of the INSPIRE Directive by 1 January 2022. Subject to the outcome of an impact assessment, the modernisation and alignment with new or emerging legislation of the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC) and the public access to environmental information Directive (2003/4/EC) is needed. Environmental geospatial and climate-related data are a prerequisite to better understand issues and trends on how our planet and its climate are changing and how society and economy are impacted. The timely availability of data can help strengthen evidence-based analytical capability for policy-making and implementation and is crucial to deliver on the Green Deal objectives.

Proposed action

The evaluation of the INSPIRE Directive will also analyse the coherence between the INSPIRE Directive, the Public Access to Environmental Information Directive 2003/4/EC and Directive 2019/1024/EC on open data and the re-use of public sector information. The evaluation conclusions will feed the ‘Greendata4all’ initiative announced in the European strategy for data (COM(2020) 66 final) and may induce a revision of 2007/2/EC and 2003/4/EC.

Organisational set-up

The action will be led by DG ENV.


TaskDeadline (indicative)

Task 1. The Commission will inform the MIG on the progress of the evaluation of the INSPIRE Directive.

Task 2. MIG to provide input to the process (Open Public Consultation, targeted interviews ...).

Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

March - April 2021 


  • Commission evaluation Staff Working Document.
  • Evaluation report.
  • Impact Assessment and if politically desired, a proposal to update the legal framework.
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