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Welcome to GTCAP on 

This space is used to keep a public repository of the publications of the 3 decades of JRC implementation support to the IACS processes.

With the advancing technology, internal restructuring and evolving Commission decisions on the ICT,  a number of "outlets" has been used over those decades.  We tried to compile the relevant documents from the 4 main sources

  1. The MARS-website,  active from 2008 to 2015  (but recovering pre-2008 material)
  2. WikiCAP,  active from 2009 to 2022
  3. G4CAP, active from 2013 to 2022
  4. The corporate JRC publications repository  (still active )

There are also a few "original 2023" documents with output that arrived too late for WikiCAP or G4CAP.

We recovered neither regulations (consult eur-lex) nor DGAgri guidance documents (consult circabc).

This repository is structured along the main IACS application,  and each entry is listed with origin, name, year and size. Where possible, we kept the original file name, accepting it triggers naming inconsistencies in this multi-annual repository. Please note that the content of these historical documents is likely to be no longer appropriate for implementation under the current regulations.

The community activities (conferences, workshops and meetings) post-2007 are taken from the "WikiCAP events" where they were already anonymized; however, here, presentations are merged into a single downloadable file.  Older events were "restored" for this wiki using files from the JRC file servers, but had the "list of participants" removed.

In memory of Roman, designer of the original Mediawiki WikiCAP

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