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After you confirm your contact details, you will be redirected to Step 3 where you can respond to the questionnaire. This screen consists of a) a header with information about the RFI and collaboration functionalities, b) the questions, and c) a footer with a progress bar and export functionalities.

Questionnaire Header

The Questionnaire header clearly states the Case title, the RFI title, and the deadline by which your responses should reach the Commission. If you are the Principal Addressee, you will see additional functionalities, such as Deadline extension requestOpt-out request, Consultation of EC Attachments, Re-assignment of the RFI and Collaboration.


1. Table of Contents: Click on a section to navigate to the part of the RFI where you wish to work. If you respond to at least all the mandatory questions of a given section, that section will be marked in the Table of Contents with a green checkbox to help you track your progress.

2. Skip question: Mandatory questions are marked with a red asterisk (*). Non-mandatory questions are skipped automatically if not filled. 

3. Clear answer: You can reset an answer and start fresh by selecting CLEAR ANSWER. This will erase your answer, as well as any confidentiality claims and supporting documents you have uploaded to that question.

4. Upload supporting documents: You can upload supporting documents in any of your answers and cross-refer to them from other questions of the RFI instead of re-uploading the same files. Click on SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS. See Supporting documents for more information.

5. Ask for clarification: You can ask the Commission for clarifications, using the ASK FOR CLARIFICATION button. A member from the case team will respond to your question and you will be notified by email. See Ask for clarifications for more information.

Questions cannot be left empty

Mandatory questions must be answered. If you leave any non-mandatory question empty, you will be able to skip them automatically. 

Questionnaire Footer

The Questionnaire footer provides a progress bar which displays the total number of questions and the percentage of questions answered. Click on EXPORT REPLIES to export your replies in .docx and on DOWNLOAD ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS to download all the files you have uploaded as supporting documents.

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