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Legal basis

After you login, you will be redirected to Step 1 of eRFI where you can confirm the Legal Basis and possibly also the Non-Disclosure Agreement. In this screen you will be able to get background information about the RFI and why the Commission has addressed it to your organisation.

Information about the RFI

The screen clearly states the Case title, the RFI title, and, if applicable, the deadline by which your responses should reach the Commission.

Legal basis document

The legal basis document typically contains a description of the case under investigation, the purpose of the request, the legal basis which empowers the Commission to send out Requests For Information as well as the deadline by which your responses should reach the Commission. In certain cases the Commission will also indicate penalties and fines for the supply of incorrect information.

The questions and/or any attachments of the RFI may contain business secrets. In so far as disclosure of information about an undertaking’s business activity could result in a serious harm to the same undertaking, such information constitutes business secrets (see Commission Notice on Access to File, article 18). In that case, the Legal Basis screen will also include a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The Non-Disclosure Agreement sets out obligations and liabilities for the persons accessing the RFI.

To proceed to the next step, you are obliged to read and accept the legal basis document, including, if applicable, the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Any collaborators that you may invite to help you respond to the RFI will also have to read and accept the legal basis and the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Download button

The Legal Basis document can be downloaded as a PDF for information purposes by clicking on the download button on the bottom left hand side.